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Mass Timber Construction Podcast Special Guests - Build the [Im]Possible Competition Winners Rothoblaas

March 02, 2022 Paul Kremer Season 2 Episode 91
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Construction Podcast Special Guests - Build the [Im]Possible Competition Winners Rothoblaas
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Show Notes

In this special guest episode, we talk to the winners of the Build the [Im]Possible competition. The competition was to design structures that would not be possible without our revolutionary SPIDER and PILLAR connectors. The response from the four corners of the world was incredible: all kinds of projects came in and it was not easy for us to select the best ones. The categories of participation were Students and Professionals, and both gave us great satisfaction. The technical jury that selected the four finalist projects included a number of leading figures from the world of timber construction: Roland Maderebner, Senior Scientist at the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck (A); Hermann Kaufmann, manager and founder of HK Architekten and professor emeritus of design and timber construction at the Technical University of Munich (D); Thomas Moosbrugger, member of national and international standardisation committees for timber construction and timber products; Peter Lang, partner at Rothoblaas, creator of the competition and expert in the field of Mass Timber constructions; and, last but not least, Ernesto Callegari, Product Line Manager at Rothoblaas, a structural engineer who is part of the company's Technical Office fastener development team. The judges are familiar with timber construction and spend much of their time imagining and shaping its future. Following the selection of the four finalists, participants in the Mass Timber Seminar in November submitted their votes and the two winning projects were crowned. Among the students, Tyler Hull, a young researcher from the University of Waterloo, Canada, won first prize. The prize in the "Professionals" category went to the Austrian RWT PLUS studio, already well-known in the industry for its design and construction of one of the world's tallest timber buildings, the HoHo in Vienna.  We speak with Matthias Rinnhofer. Please enjoy this very special guest episode of the podcast and congratulations to the winners in both categories.

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Rothoblaas is an Italian multinational with its roots in the Alpine region; a leading developer and provider of high technology solutions for all those involved in the construction with wood sector. Always engaged in finding solutions for the improvement of the sector, today Rothoblaas is one of the leading companies worldwide in the development of products and services dedicated to the wood carpentry industry, and continues to export know-how from the heart of the Italian Alps to the world.

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