Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Construction Podcast Special Guest - Taylor Cabot - Ascent Project

July 27, 2022 Paul Kremer Season 2 Episode 115
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Construction Podcast Special Guest - Taylor Cabot - Ascent Project
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Show Notes

In this special guest episode I speak with Taylor Cabot, who was the Project Manager on the amazing Ascent Project. At 284 feet, Ascent lives up to its name. The towering 25-story luxury apartment building is the world's tallest hybrid mass timber structure, with 19 stories and 273,000 square feet of mass timber providing 260 residential units to the Milwaukee market. The project received a U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovation Grant for its unprecedented use of timber in high-rise construction in the United States.

Taylor describes here journey into mass timber as a leap into the unknown in 2014 which has led to her involvement in over a dozen mass timber structures across the United States. Taylor loves walking through healthy forests, touring manufacturing facilities, leading constructability reviews, and overseeing the construction of these groundbreaking buildings, like Ascent. Please enjoy this very special and really enjoyable episode with Taylor. 

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