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Special Guests - Brooke Whitsell, Shiling Pei and Jonathan Heppner - NHERI Tall Wood Project Show

October 27, 2022 Paul Kremer Season 2 Episode 128
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Special Guests - Brooke Whitsell, Shiling Pei and Jonathan Heppner - NHERI Tall Wood Project Show
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Show Notes

In this special guest episode I speak with Brooke Whitsell, Shiling Pei and Jonathan Heppner about the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, NHERI, project. NHERI is a US nation-wide, shared-use network of facilities tailored for the natural hazards engineering research community. Investigators employ our sites to test innovative ideas for mitigating damage from earthquakes, windstorms, tsunamis and related water hazards. NHERI Tallwood project is an NSF-funded research effort to develop and validate a resilient-based seismic design methodology for tall wood buildings. The project started in September 2016 and will last till 2020. The project team will validate the design methodology through shake table testing of a 10-story full-scaled wood building specimen at NHERI@UCSD. It will be the world's largest wood building tested at full-scale.

For further information:

An NSF-funded planning project was completed in 2016 and provided the conceptual and technical preparation of this project. More information about the planning project and its (downloadable) deliverables can be found here: NEES Tall Wood Planning Project.

Brooke Whitsell - Swinerton Timberlab - Structural E.I.T. working for a holistic mass timber contractor in Portland, OR. Special interests in mass timber and topology optimization in tall buildings. Contact:

Swinerton Timberlab:

Shiling Pei - Dr Pei received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University in December 2007 and joined the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Fall 2013. Dr. Pei is an expert on wood building performance in post-hazard reconnaissance studies. Contact:

For further information:

Jonathan Heppner - Jonathon is a Principal at Lever Architecture. Jonathan directs the firm’s timber research, including the 40+ mass timber tests completed for Framework. He has worked closely with the US Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture, and Universities researching the adoption of mass timber to better understand it's role in building life cycle assessment studies, benefits for seismic resilience, and associated design methodologies for new and existing timber buildings to better support owner and occupant's physiological, jurisdictional, and aspirational needs. Contact:

Lever Architecture:

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