Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - June 2023 - Week Twentythree

June 19, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 163
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - June 2023 - Week Twentythree
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Get ready to journey into the realm of mass timber construction with me, your guide, Paul Kramer. Promise you, by the end of this episode, you'll be well-versed on all the latest happenings in this industry. We'll be delving into the acquisition of StructureLand Mass Timber Corporation by Mercer Timber International and the consequent buzz it's creating in North America. Then, we'll touch on the international timber conference in Oslo, Norway, a must-know event for the timber enthusiasts. 

Intrigued by the concept of underground mass timber structures? We've got that covered too with a detailed discussion on North America's first underground mass timber structure for vehicle parking, based on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. For the Formula 1 admirers, we'll be exploring Montreal's new $50 million, architecturally sleek heavy timber paddock. Lastly, we'll look into the insights from the Australian/New Zealand architectural firm, Warren and Mahoney, on the potential of using timber in construction. So, sit back, tune in, and get ready to be amazed by the world of mass timber construction.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are 5. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's 5. 4. The global sensation, the one, the only, the oldest you say that anyway Podcast in the world, the past Timber construction podcast, and now here's what's right around your house. Good morning, good afternoon all, good evening. Wherever you are in the world today, welcome to Mastery in the construction podcast. My name is Paul Kremer, your host, and I'm very pleased to bring you the Mastery in the construction news from around the world each week As it comes to us. It gets to you via this podcast. But don't forget we have other avenues to understand how to get news from around the world The social media platform on LinkedIn, and we also have our international academic journal with an impact factor of 1.169. And it's doubling every year. It's free to access and free to publish. So if you're looking for a place to put your research article and you're in the research world, please consider a Mass Timber Construction Journal, the international Mass Timber Construction Journal, and we would be glad to receive your manuscript for review. So let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week. In Mass Timber Construction Land And the Mercer Timber International has now finished its acquisition of StructureLand Mass Timber Corporation and its subsidiaries and is now effectively getting back to work. So congratulations to Mercer on supporting StructureLand coming through such a difficult time, and we really do appreciate what's happening for you and the staff in the North America at the moment And we look forward to seeing what happens next. So watch this space for Mercer Timber starting to become quite a powerhouse in North America and in Canada. If you're now looking to head to the international timber conference, the Wood Conference for Timber Engineering in Oslo in Norway, you would be very, very keen to catch up with the over 900 people that are attending that event. Unfortunately I can't be there, but I wish you all well with the event coming on very, very soon. There's a number of tours going on around the world at the same time. I'm sure you will catch up with people in Europe. If you have not got a ticket yet, it's probably a little bit too late. However, you can sit on the sidelines like me and watch what's happening. 619 Ponce City Market topped out in Atlanta this week with StructureCraft showing a picture of the erected four floor timber beams with beam and pearl and column and slab locally sourced from manufacturing using southern yellow pine CLT and GLT And the building is a lead building certified building. So congratulations to the team at StructureCraft. It's an amazing looking building. You can head to our LinkedIn page and you can see all the photos from the sites. It's amazing to see, and Warren and Mahoney, the Australian slash New Zealand architectural firm, has just hosted around table a session across their studios to share international insights, to unite the sector to help unlock the potential of using timber in construction. And, predominantly, there's an article they've written on the key strategies to driving mass timber adoption in New Zealand. So we're hoping to have Simon Topolus and another Simon from Warren and Mahoney out of New Zealand on the podcast at some point in the near future to be able to talk to us about this impressive article that they have written. So watch this space. If you'd like to read the article as it currently sits, please head to our LinkedIn feed and you'll be able to see it there under Warren and Mahoney and the key to unlocking mass timber in New Zealand And around. About two years ago, we bought you the news that it was either a Danish or a Swedish car park made out of timber. Well, now I'm very happy to report that the new mid-rise mixed use building project on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia will boast North America's first underground mass timber structure for vehicle parking. According to the massive Canada building systems, the Port Moody based company specialises in fabricating mass timber materials and modular building manufacturing and has secured the contract to design and build a single level underground mass timber park bay that is 1.3 acre at the development site of 718 North Road in Gibson's. So if you'd like to read more, you can go to dailyhivecom or our LinkedIn feed and you can read the article on the new mass timber car park in North America. So if you are a Formula 1 fan like me, this next story is definitely for you. Montreal's new Formula 1 paddock was built for champions and it is going to be using a new 50 million dollar architecturally inspired heavy timber, minimalist paddock that departs from the flagrant gas guzzling ethos of F1 in favour for greener choices. The new build is set to replace the original rickety steel paddock, built with the luxurious wow factors of the world class racing facility, with 13 stables for drivers, a suite of offices and for the FIA, and an updated multimedia centre for journalists, with two sweeping open air terraces with gourmet pop-up dining and bars. Perfect for celebrations from champagne F1 winners. So the new facility will be made out of mass timber and if you'd like to go to the mass timber construction journal LinkedIn feed, you'll be able to see some great architecturally inspired renders for the new Pavilion, and it's going to be a very impressive build. Congratulations to the entire team, including architecture firm FABG, for realizing this new vision and giving back to Formula One. And so that's it, folks. That's all we've got time for this week. Thank you for tuning in. As always, every week, we bring you the news from Mastimba Construction Land. Don't forget. If you're a researcher and you're looking to put a journal publication manuscript together, consider the Mastimba Construction Journal. It is free to access and free to publish. It's very rare that you get a free, open source access and publish publishing house, but we are one. We are here to support the industry, so please support us so that we can support you, get global reach for your research by coming through the podcast, our multimedia social media and also our academic journal systems through the International Association for Mastimba Construction and beyond. So good morning, good afternoon or good evening for everyone in the world. Today My name is Paul Kremer, signing off on the Mass Timber Construction podcast.