Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - June 2023 - Week Twentyfour

June 27, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 164
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - June 2023 - Week Twentyfour
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Get ready to embark on a captivating exploration of mass timber construction with me, your host, Paul Kramer. We're going to be traversing the globe, unveiling some truly enthralling developments in the field. From an audacious plan by a Swedish developer to construct the world's largest wooden city, to a brand new timber-constructed facility in Stuttgart, there's a lot to learn about the innovative and sustainable world of mass timber construction. We'll also be touching on a substantial funding secured for the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus and discussing Blueprint Robotics' impressive plans for the largest North American industrial building, made entirely of mass timber.

As we take our journey beyond the borders of the US, we'll explore a timber office building in Amsterdam designed for a Dutch energy company, and discuss the World Conference for Timber Engineering happening in Oslo. These projects, and others we'll delve into, are shaping the future of construction and design. As we navigate this intricately interconnected world of mass timber construction, I'll also ponder the future implications of these developments. So, sit back and immerse yourself in the world of mass timber construction as we unmask the innovations transforming the field. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this fast-paced, insightful exploration of this groundbreaking industry.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's time for the global sensation, the one, the only the undisputed heavyweight podcast in the world The mass timber construction podcast. And now here's Paul Kramer, your host.

Paul :

Good morning, good afternoon, all good evening. Where are you all in the world today? Welcome to the mass timber construction podcast. My name is Paul Kramer, your host, And thank you very much, bruce Buffer, for another introduction. It is nearly the middle of the year and we'd like to say a special good morning, good afternoon, all good evening to everyone who's in Europe. At the moment. It seems like everybody is travelling to Oslo in Norway for the World Conference for Timber Engineering And unfortunately I couldn't be there. But I wish everybody on that trip an amazing journey And I hope that you get so much out of the presentations and the talks. Many, many friends and colleagues of mine have said that they are heading over to present and I hope you do catch up with them And I hope that you have an amazing time.

Paul :

Let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week in mass timber construction land, and the headlining news this week is that Swedish developer Atrium Lindberg is planning to build what it says is the world's largest wooden city in Stikla, a former industrial quarter in southern Stockholm. Our understanding is that white architecture and Henning Larsson are teaming up to deliver what will be a 250,000 square meter Stockholm Wood City, with around 2,000 homes, 7,000 office spaces, shops and restaurants. The developer aims to go break ground in about 2025, with the buildings finished in 2027. We look forward to seeing what happens with this. Stockholm Wood City, as it manifests the future of timber, provides tenants with a strong demand for innovative, sustainable solutions, and we will watch with interest. If you'd like to learn more, please head to the mass timber construction journal LinkedIn Feed. You can see more of the amazing renders that are happening there and the unfolding news. There seems to be videos available now, more and more details coming out and it's getting quite significant press all over the globe, so we've got all of your information stored in one location. I'm heading across to Stuttgart now and Harold and Grenwald specialises in the sale and rental of forklifts, telescopic handlers, work platforms and container solutions, and they have just announced a new timber constructed facility that will be headquartered in Stuttgart and it features a translucent all round canopy made of carbonised larch wood with a wooden hat type approach, which protects against the weather and gives the building a characteristic shape made out of mass timber products to try and create a sustainable way of moving forward in the construction of the company's new headquarters. And heading to the US.

Paul :

Now, antishman Spire secures $750 million for the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus. The Enterprise Research Campus is a 900,000 square foot mixed use project being developed with the university subsidiary Harvard Elliston Land Company. A terror capital led the construction loan package. Construction on the nine acre first phase is set to begin in the coming weeks, with the building scheduled to be open in 2025 or early 2026. Adjacent to the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Science and Engineering Complex in Elston in Massachusetts, the project will feature two laboratory buildings devoted to research and development, as well as 343 unit apartment building and a hotel. 25% of the new multi-family units will be first phase and they'll be deemed affordable for individuals and families earning between 30 to 100% less than the means of income in the US And staying in the US.

Paul :

And Blueprint Robotics, a Baltimore based company that produces wood frame construction products, is planning to build its 450,000 square foot production facility in Windsor, connecticut, and is said to be the largest North American industrial building erected entirely of mass timber. The 62 acre Lott on Day Hill Road in Windsor, selected by Blueprint, is currently vacant. It's expected that the building will cost $97 million to design and construct, and the company hopes to break ground in early June or July, with construction finished by the third quarter of 2024, according to the Blueprint announcement. Congratulations to everyone at Blueprint. Great choice in materials. If you want to see more about the project in Baltimore, please head to the Mass Timber Construction Journal LinkedIn feed and you can see the renders there. I'm heading to Holland now and Desoitte Hund has designed a timber office building for the Dutch energy company Atlandia in Amsterdam, and the new offices are described as a circular and flexible workplace consisting of warehouses, test facilities and educational and parking buildings. If you want to see this amazing photo that's getting some media attention all the way through our social media channels, please head to the Mass Timber Construction Journal LinkedIn feed.

Paul :

So that's it, folks. That's what's making news around the world this week in Mass Timber Construction Land, don't forget, we have our academic journal. If you have a manuscript and you want a place for it to go, we are free to publish and free to read. That's right free to publish and free to read. Our impact factor is 1.169. It's doubled since last year. We think it will double again next year. We certainly have a very niche marketplace that we deal to. However, the readership is quite vast and wide and the contributions on the journal are excellent, so please consider us. If you want to put a paper somewhere, consider the Mass Timber Construction Journal academic journal, facet of our overall ecosystem of offerings. That's it. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. We're here on the world today. My name is Paul Kramer, signing off on the Mass Timber Construction podcast.