Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - July 2023 - Week Twentynine

August 06, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 167
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - July 2023 - Week Twentynine
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Ready to navigate the bustling world of Master Timber Construction? Strap in as we bring you the most captivating news from this dynamic industry, guaranteeing you'll be at the edge of your seat. This episode starts off with an exciting preview of the upcoming prefabAUS conference in Australia and the Master Timber Forum I will be leading. Prepare to be enthralled as we discuss a monumental six-story design project by Shugri Ban and ABMK for Ukraine's largest hospital. 

The fascination doesn't stop there as we shift our gaze to Wisconsin's first Master Timber development, the $25 million masterpiece known as "The Grain". We'll give you an insider's look into its progress and unique features. Adding to the mix is Moxon Architects' Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge in Germany, a beacon of design excellence and sustainability. As we near the end, we'll tackle the sale of Dr Johnson Wood Innovations' mass timber plant equipment and wrap up with a riveting report from the UK's House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee. This episode is a rollercoaster of insights and updates, setting the pace for everything Master Timber. Buckle up and let's get started!

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Speaker 1:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's time for the global sensation, the one the only, the oldest you've made it anyway Podcast in the world, the past Timber construction podcast, and now here's what's right around your house. Good morning, good afternoon, all good evening. We're here on the world today. Welcome to the Master Timber Construction Podcast. My name is Paul Craming, your host, and I'll be taking you through the news from around the world in Master Timber Construction Land for another week. Before we begin, though, if you have not hit the subscribe button, please hit the subscribe button so you'll never miss an episode of the podcast, and we hope that you enjoy the content we bring to you each week. Don't forget our social media feed as well. Please like, subscribe, please share, repost, comment anything on the feed, so that we can give you the best updated information based on your inputs. Let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week. In Master Timber Construction Land, the soon to be housed Prefab Oz conference, the national conference here in Australia, will be held at Melbourne Connect at Melbourne University coming up in August, so if you have not booked your tickets yet, please do go and hit the Prefab Oz website. There is a Master Timber Construction Forum, a Master Timber Forum which I head up, and so we will have guest speakers on talking about Master Timber at the Prefab Oz conference. So please head on down and make sure you get your tickets early. And Sugaruban and Ukraine based studio ABMK have created a six story design for Ukraine's largest hospital, and the building will be located in the central atrium area, containing a reception area surrounded by open wooden columns at that form of rectangular block that is the lattice facade and pronounced timber canopy at the entrance. The collaboration will deliver the new surgical centre for the existing emergency hospital and will be able to treat more patients, obviously specifically related to the war. The purpose of the project is to increase the hospital's capacity and address an urgent need for additional space. Congratulations to everybody on that project. If you want to see more, head to our LinkedIn feed and heading to Wisconsin. Now and the grain in the city of Dullerfield is the first Master Timber Development at 705 Genesee Street, and it's a $25 million development featuring a two four story combination of buildings which are under construction since about 2022, and they're currently getting to the point where the Master Timber elements are being delivered to site and it's going to be an impressive project. The grain will feature two buildings of 60,000 square feet of office space and 18,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, with 125 parking spots. If you'd like to check out the building, you can go to our LinkedIn feed and see all the details on our page. And creating quite interest on the LinkedIn social media feed for us is the Moxon Architects Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge in the town of Balangan in Germany. The design is a collaboration with the architect and an engineer that specializes in bridges, and the footbridge embodies the town's ambitious dual commitment to design excellence and sustainable future. So it's offering a sympathetic response to the natural river setting and it was unveiled in 2023 earlier this year and it is an impressive site. If you want to go and have a look, please join the many people that are looking at that on our LinkedIn feed social media page. And sad news this week the end of an era is. Dr Johnson Wood Innovations has decided to sell off all of its mass timber cross laminated timber plant equipment. On July 10 they began showing the equipment, which includes a press, a Hyundai Garcia and C etc. And it is a wonderful thing to see the equipment still being offered into the marketplace so that people can take an opportunity to develop mass timber elements themselves. And we would just like to say thank you, dr Johnson, for being innovators in this space for a long time and congratulations on being such good leaders. And finally, this week, coming out of the UK, the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has provided a seeing the wood for the trees the contribution of forestry and timber sectors to biodiversity and net zero goals. This is the fifth report in the season for 2022-23 and is available in full on our mass timber construction journal LinkedIn Feed. Please go and have a read if you have anything to do with trying to achieve net zero or biodiversity, or even an interest in just timber in general. It's an interesting read to see how the UK government is addressing the situations in the UK. Equally, there is still the opening for the call for a review on the European Union's approach to meeting the Paris Accord targets by talking about carbon decarbonisation, circular economy, the use of products like CLT, mass Timber and other biobased products, and you can have your opinion either inside the EU or outside the EU. It matters not where you're situated. They are looking at comments from all walks of all people from around the world, and if you have expertise in that area, you might want to make a contribution, just as I have. So look out for that. If you go to our LinkedIn feed, you'll be able to see the link to the survey and please consider participating. So that's it, folks. That's all we've got time for this week in Mass Timber Construction Land News. Look forward to bringing the news next week. Had a couple of weeks off in between, so there will be a few episodes that are sort of skipped in terms of weekly content. But back on board now for the remainder of the year and we will see the year out strong. Thank you for being a listener to this podcast, thank you for contributing to our social media feed and don't forget, if you are a researcher and you have a research paper and you want global recognition for your research, the Mass Timber Construction Journal Academic Arm has a great impact factor and is getting some great traction in terms of its appropriate impact in the industry. So good morning, good afternoon or good night. My name is Paul Kramer signing off the Mass Timber Construction podcast for the week.