Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - August 2023 - Week Thirtyfour

September 03, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 171
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - August 2023 - Week Thirtyfour
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Get ready to unlock the marvels of mass timber construction as we journey around the globe from Kansas City's eco-friendly airport terminal to Ontario's first Mass Timber Net Zero institutional building. Gain insights into a treasure trove of revolutionary designs and projects, including an innovative undertaking in Cincinnati and the groundbreaking Gensburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement in California. 

Intriguing, right? That's not all! We reveal the ingenious hybrid design approach by global architectural firm, Arcadis. Aptly named 'Retreat', this prototype marries mass timber and concrete in a harmony of sustainability and practicality. We also take you to the topping off ceremony of Limba Lost Place at George Brown University and disclose an ambitious plan for a 17-story residential building in Texas. Join me, Paul Kremer, on this captivating journey through the realm of mass timber construction. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and let's connect on LinkedIn to share your thoughts on these groundbreaking advancements.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's a compile for the global sensation, the one, the only, the all-disputed, anyway Podcast in the World, the Mass Timber Construction Podcast. And now here's our host, your host. Good morning, good afternoon all, good evening wherever you're on the world today. Welcome to the Mass Timber Construction Podcast. My name's Paul Cramer, your host, and I'll be taking you through the wonderful world of Mass Timber for another week. But before we do that, please hit the subscribe button. Never miss an episode of the Mass Timber Construction Podcast. And if you do so, feel inclined, also connect to us on social media through our LinkedIn page. And if you are in the academic sphere and you have a research paper that focuses on Mass Timber Construction, we'd be very pleased to review and publish your manuscript by sending it to the Mass Timber Construction Journal, academic of our Ecosphere. Let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week. In Mass Timber Construction Land, in one of the standout features of the recently constructed terminal at Missouri's Kansas City International Airport, kci, is the giant timber clad canopy, a hemlock ceiling with generous overhang serving as a symbol for the terminal's emphasis on sustainability. According to Skidmore, owens and Merrill architects, the KCI Airport stands as the first leadership in energy and environmental design, or LEED version 4, gold business design and construction, bd&c new construction terminal concourse project in the Midwest US and the second in the country Operating solely on electricity. The terminal has plans for a transition to renewable energy by constructing a solar farm. The extensive use of local materials, wood finishes certified by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, underscores the commitment for sustainability master plan for incorporating comprehensive energy conservation strategies and natural renewable resources in the construction project. Congratulations to everyone on this impressive build. If you'd like to see images, please head to the Mass Timber Construction Journal LinkedIn feed. Ontario's first Mass Timber Net Zero institutional building marks its milestone as it gets closer to completion. Limba Lost Place at George Brown University or college has been in the Mass Timber Net Zero emissions race to get to a point where it has a practical completion and the final wood and steel beams are being installed in the 10 story building located on the campus's waterfront centre in Toronto's East Bayfront Community. To celebrate the topping off milestone, a beam signed by the project partners and trades in the workforce for the building was lifted on top of the building and if you go to our LinkedIn feed you'll be able to see the topping out ceremony there. Staying in North America and Canada and Skanska and Cincinnati Public Radio broke ground on Tuesday, just a week ago, on the new headquarters, which will be finished will become one of the first two mass story timber buildings in the Midwest and will have the first of any size in Cincinnati, according to the Construction Drive article, set for completion in the winter of 2024. The 32 million 35,000 square foot building will include two on-air studios, two interview studios, one performance studio, an office space and a public gathering area. The project will use CLT from Skanska and the whole building and column and beam structure. Second floor roof and interior will be using mass timber constructed products. Fantastic to see the project. If you'd like to see the information on this particular project, go to our mass timber construction journal, linked in feed, to see photos. And a new approach to mass timber and concrete hybrid design has been brought forward in a prototype form by global architect firm Arcadis. It's called Retreat, which is proposed to be a yet announced client in Texas A 17 story building with 12 residential floors above five story podium containing parking and street level retail access. Retreat's objective is not only to achieve a carbon footprint reduction by approximately 45%, however, is also to be economical, feasible and use a materials selected in a manner that will support the design in accordance with the regulations outlined in 2024 international building code. Congratulations to the team Arcadis. It's going to be a great project in Texas. We look forward to the announcement coming out very, very soon and details have come out of California for the Caltech groundbreaking ceremony for the HOK designed Gensburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement in Pasadena in California. The project scheduled to be completed in 2025 and it is one of the world's most advanced hubs for studying quantum science and technology using mass timber construction. If you'd like to go and see some images of this, please head to our mass timber construction journal LinkedIn feed and we've got all the details there for you. So that's it, folks. That's what's making news around the world this week. Most of that is in the US and North America and Canada, and if you have any news or updates that you'd like to share with us, please do hit us up at mass timber construction journal LinkedIn feed, send me a message there or through our academic journal. Please do remember to like, subscribe and comment. We bring you the news every week, and we do it willingly, knowing that you will consume what we have to offer, and we do appreciate your support. So thank you very much for that. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you're on the world today. Have a great week. This is Paul Kramer signing off on the mass timber construction podcast.