Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - September 2023 - Week Thirtyseven

September 25, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 174
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - September 2023 - Week Thirtyseven
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Ready to jet-set around the world of mass timber construction from the comfort of your own home? Strap in and join us as we explore the latest, most exciting developments in the realm of eco-friendly architecture and design. We kick off our journey in Northern Europe, witnessing the birth of a green, biodiversity-focused educational facility spearheaded by Henning Larsen and WSP for the Oslo City Education Authority. This awe-inspiring structure, complete with wooden hybrid structures and green facades, promises to be a haven for learning. 

Next, we fly over to Perth, where the city council has just greenlit the construction of the world's tallest timber building. But our trip doesn't end there. We zoom over to New York, where the Architecture Research Office (ARO) has unveiled plans for an amazing cultural center at the Olana State Historic Site. Finally, we touch down in Ukraine, where Shigeru Ban's humanitarian architecture project uses mass timber products for a surgical wing building, supporting both local industry and the EU's commitment to sustainable building practices. Ready for a whirlwind adventure? Subscribe and join us on this riveting journey!

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Speaker 1:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's time for the global sensation, the one, the only, the oldest you've made it anyway. Podcast in the world. The past Timber construction podcast, and now here's what's right around your house. Good morning, good afternoon, all good evening. We're around the world today. Welcome to the mass Timber construction podcast. Thank you, bruce Buffer, for giving us the announcement of the century for the podcast, and if you have not hit the subscribe button, please do so now so you never miss an episode of all mass timber news from around the world each week, delivered to your eardrums through whatever device it is that you're listening to. And this week we have a very big week in mass Timber construction land, and let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week. And to the northern European area right now. And Henning Larsen, working on the Oslo City Education Authority in collaboration with WSP's new project. This new community centric space with a focus on biodiversity and low carbon will be an inspiring learning environment for students. The design of the upper secondary school includes wooden hybrid structures, low carbon concrete, biobase materials and green facades and roofs to encourage biodiversity in the dense urban setting. Access to the outdoor area will prioritize by the main community and networking area and parks in the pedestrian laneways which sit atop of the building. It will be due for opening in 2025. The secondary school will house around about 800 students and a new college will also be established on the site. Very, very, very great project. If you want to go and have a look at it, please head to the mass timber construction general LinkedIn feed and you can see more. And we only recently reported that the South Perth Council was reviewing the Grange Development 51 story Timber Tower. Well, we are really pleased to announce that, only about a week or so later, that the timber tower hybrid timber tower in Perth has been given approval. Grange Development Managing Director James Dibble said that the intent of the project was always being straightforward to create climate conscious development which was rooted in science and engineering. The panel just recently provided the C6 with a new benchmark of environmentally conscious design and they are immensely proud of their open source approach to the documentation, construction detailing and genuine wish list for others to understand the methodology who have a possession of the blueprints to emulate, modify and progress the building technique. So the 51 story C6 Tower in Perth South City will be the tallest timber building in the world and heading to New York now, and the architecture research office, the ARO, in partnership with the New York state office for parks, recreation and historic preservation and the Olana partnership, has today revealed plans for the Frederick Church Center for Arts and Landscape at the Olana State Historic Site in Upstate New York. The new center is the centerpiece of a larger master plan which was designed in 2015 by Nelson Bird-Voltz landscape architects. The scheme includes a restoration of the famed Hudson River School painter's self-designed farm and homestead, which was constructed in the property around about the 1860s to 1900s. Aro's center will serve as a new visitor's arrival gateway, overlooking the CAS skills range, and will provide the site's historic core, ensuring that the experience will be compatible with the surrounding landscape and the vistas that are beyond. If you'd like to see more on this amazing project, head to the Mass Timber Construction Journal, linked in feed, and there's some further details about Shigaruban's humanitarian architecture project in the Ukraine, as a paper for the particular project now starts to come more alive, I guess, with more materials and design coming out. The 25,000 square meter surgical wing of the building will be produced using mass timber products and Ban says that this is a good strategy, not only to support the local industry, but to also support the European Union's commitment to sustainable building practices. While the Ukraine has strict regulation when it comes to using timber, which is similar to places like Japan, etc. The EU has allowed for exposed timber structures in this particular building, and if you'd like to see a model that has been released it is quite beautiful Head to the mass timber construction general, linked in feed, and you'll be able to see some more there. So that's it, folks. That's what's making news around the world this week. In mass timber construction land, we hope that you are having a great week and we look forward to bringing you more news next week. So it's good morning, good afternoon or good night, but before you do that, make sure that you hit the subscribe button and never miss an episode of this podcast, and we look forward to catching up with you soon. This is Paul Kramer signing off on the mass timber construction podcast.