Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - October 2023 - Week Thirtynine

October 09, 2023 Paul Kremer Season 3 Episode 177
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - October 2023 - Week Thirtynine
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Are you ready to discover the world of mass timber construction through the eyes of an expert? Join me, your host Paul Kremer, as we journey from Nebraska to New York, then onwards to Alabama, Australia, and the UK, unpacking remarkable projects and innovations in the world of mass timber construction. We start with a rare mass timber construction project for museums - the Mona expansion in Nebraska. We'll also explore the use of CLT panels and woven bamboo in creating a sacred space in New York City’s design pavilion event.

In this episode, we also bring you updates from SmartLam's brand new GLT production facility in Alabama, as the first batch of state-of-the-art equipment arrives. We then jet off to Australia to cover architect James Fitzpatrick’s Seed House, a unique mass timber home that’s up for sale. Finally, we head over to the UK, where Mace has been appointed as the main contractor for Landsec’s Timber Square redevelopment. Tune in to learn more about these sustainable building materials, techniques, and the latest happenings in the mass timber construction world with me, Paul Kremer.

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Speaker 1:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. It's time for the global sensation, the one, the only, the oldest you've made it anyway. Podcast in the world, the past Timber construction podcast, and now here's what's right around your house. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Where are you in the world today? Welcome to the mass Timber construction podcast. My name's Paul Kramer, your host. I look forward to bringing you all the news from around the world in mass Timber construction land each week. Thank you, bruce Buffer, for the introduction and I hope that you are having a great week. Make sure you hit subscribe button so you never miss an episode. And if you are an academic and you're looking for some way to put your mass Timber construction focus to research paper, please consider the mass Timber construction journal. Let's have a look at what's making news around the world this week in mass Timber construction land and to Nebraska, in North America. And the Mona topping off ceremony signifies the progress on the 23,000 square foot expansion center for the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney, celebrating another two steps in the two and a half year expansion and renovation project with the signature covered beam of cruise. Finished work on the mass Timber frame and the 20,000 square foot project. And the mass Timber construction is a rarity for museums, according to John Mass, who's the project manager, and it means the majority of the structure, including most columns and beams and all floor structure, is made of timber, which has sustainability and aesthetic benefits. If you'd like to see more images on this particular project, on the Mona project, including a video that shows the topping off ceremony, please head to our mass Timber construction journal LinkedIn feed, and Dazeencom is reporting on a sacred space made from CLT panels, a cloud canopy made from strips of woven bamboo. Among the pavilions being shown in New York City's design pavilion event, created by the Shanghai based studio II Lab and designed by Michael Bennett of Studio Kerr, the two pavilion displays sustainable building materials and techniques. The structures are on show in the design pavilion by an event by NYC X Design, part of the programming for the city's yearly architecture festival called October. If you'd like to see these two amazing pavilions, please head to our LinkedIn feed or head to Dazeencom and do a search for New York Design Festival and you'll be able to see these impressive images and, in big news coming out of Leiden Neck, the initial shipments containing the state of the art equipment for SmartLam's brand new GLT production facility have left its manufacturing site. This new arrival of machinery marks the next bit in SmartLam's Alabama plant, which is projected to span the next five months as a project. The fully automated plant, which will be designed, fabricating and installing, commissioned by Leiden Neck, including staff training, comprises an array of cutting edge machines. Notably, these include high speed continuous finger joining system called a Conta Zinc and the groundbreaking edge glue process called the Z-Press and is the swiftest process pressing solution for glu-lam production. The RotoPress will be an amazing addition to the new equipment at SmartLam. Congratulations to the team. We look forward to seeing what the production capacity is and what the product looks like coming out of your plant. Back to New York City and the New York City Economic Development Corporation has launched a technical assistance initiative to support mass timber projects in early phases of planning and design, with the goal of subverting on development. In the novel medium in the concrete and steel city Called the New York City Mass Timber Studio will be operating by the NYC EDC and the Mayor's Office for Climate, environmental Justice in collaboration with other partners. If you'd like to find out more, you can go to our Mass Timber Construction Journal linked in feed. And if you don't know who James Fitzpatrick is, then you probably don't live in Australia, but he built an amazing house. It was one of the first houses to be built out of product produced by Exlam in New Zealand and delivered in Australia, called the Seed House. This amazing building has these jutting boxes coming out of the side of the hill on an overcroft, hanging out over the bushland in Sydney looking into the Bay Area. The house is now up for sale. If you'd like to go and see impressive images, go to domaincomau under the Architects Dream Home in Bushland. Oasis is just 15 minutes from the city, is the name of the article or head to our Mass Timber Construction Journal linked in feed, and you can see some impressive, very purpose built, aesthetically pleasing product made for Mass Timber for an upscale, high end market home. And in other news, mace, the Global Consultancy Construction Company, has been appointed as the main contractor for land sex Timber Square redevelopment in Lavington Street in Southwark in the UK. The announcement confirms land sex commitment to delivering the project in full and will will progress land sex ambition to deliver 1 million square feet of green office costars in Southwark the redevelopment of the former print works will be the largest scale project land sex is carrying out in Southwark Following the recent delivery of the forge, the UK's first net zero commercial building designed by the UK GBCs framework, which was completed by MACE and its joint venture partner, sir Robert McAlpin. And so that's it, folks. That's all we've got time for this week in Mass Timber Construction Land. I hope that you have an amazing week moving forward. Look forward to receiving your messages and likes and shares of our news articles on our social media feed, and please do. If you have any news stories, please send them through to us. Mass Timber Construction podcast at gmailcom. Mass Timber Construction podcast at gmailcom and we look forward to bringing news next time. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. This is Paul Kramer signing off from the Master of Construction podcast. You.