Mass Timber Construction Podcast

Mass Timber Market Updates - July 2021 - Week Twentynine

July 25, 2021 Paul Kremer Season 1 Episode 48
Mass Timber Construction Podcast
Mass Timber Market Updates - July 2021 - Week Twentynine
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Show Notes

In this weeks updater, the Forest Green Rovers in western England plans to build the world’s first modern football stadium, almost entirely using wood, one of the oldest materials in construction. The elementary school provides an ideal educational facility for modern pedagogic approaches. It is an uncompromising example of cluster design offering a flexible and nurturing learning environment. Australian Fire Ratings Whitepaper: Download this whitepaper to learn how a thorough understanding of fire ratings, the relevant performance requirements and available material options can help you balance beauty, performance and compliance when specifying wall and ceiling linings. Stewart Milne Timber Systems has donated timber offcuts to local Witney charity, Guideposts Trust, in a first step in the organisation’s fruitful new charity partnership. AXA IM Alts has acquired a site in central Munich, on behalf of clients, for the development of a highly sustainable hybrid timber office, commissioning Accumulata Real Estate as the local developer. Despite going all in on its staff working from home, tech giant Atlassian has signed a deal for a sustainable, worker-friendly, “hybrid timber” headquarters – a new generation office tower in which each four-storey section is segmented into “habitats”. edinek to supply first mass timber CLT plant in Tacuarembó, Uruguay. In March 2021, businessmen Mark Crandall from the United States and Matías Abergo (Enkel Group) from Uruguay confirmed the arrival of Arboreal by acquiring 100% of Frutifor Lumber Company, a pine sawmill located in Tacuarembó. Currently, the sawmill based in Tacuarembó, Uruguay, processes 140,000 m3 of pine.

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