Mass Timber Construction with Paul Kremer

Mass Timber Market Updates - Oct 2021 - Week Fourty

October 10, 2021 Paul Kremer Season 1 Episode 63
Mass Timber Construction with Paul Kremer
Mass Timber Market Updates - Oct 2021 - Week Fourty
Show Notes

In this weeks episode, Sidewalk Labs is #hiring an Executive Assistant to join the Sidewalk Labs Legal team! This role will help provide support to our General Counsel, Ray Mercedes. Who will be the winner? The projects for the Build the Impossible competition have arrived, and now the five members of the jury are choosing the four most brilliant projects, two from students and two from professionals. A big thank you in advance goes to all the participants, from ten countries around the world, who have dedicated their time and genius to developing these projects! While some countries have gone to eye-popping lengths to create stunning pavilions, from the shape-shifting South Korea offering and the UK’s startling cross-laminated timber construction, Expo is home to a constellation of attractions that belong to smaller nations with big imaginations. Hudson Pacific Properties has unveiled plans for the addition of a 16-storey hybrid mass timber office and retail development to Bentall Centre in downtown Vancouver. Lendlease has inked a global partnership with Finland-based renewable materials supplier, Stora Enso, on the use of sustainable timber products. A development application has been submitted by TikTokThree Pty Ltd for an eleven storey mixed-use tower located at 12 Kyabra Street, Newstead.

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