Mass Timber Construction with Paul Kremer

Mass Timber Market Updates - Nov 2021 - Week Fourtyfour

November 08, 2021 Paul Kremer Season 1 Episode 68
Mass Timber Construction with Paul Kremer
Mass Timber Market Updates - Nov 2021 - Week Fourtyfour
Show Notes

The Sydney Fish Market project will take about 1,600 m3 of spruce glulam, over 150 tons of steel and all the know-how of Rubner to manufacture the large roof that floats above the new Sydney Fish Market, connecting all the elements of the structure in a unique elegant movement that gives the building an iconic presence. A timber-built eco-house which is both energy and carbon efficient from the day building starts is being showcased at the COP26 summit. A team of Heriot-Watt University students have travelled to the Dubai Solar Decathlon in order to compete against other university groups from around the world.

The final agenda for the Rothoblaas srl Mass Timber Conference is out, special guest speakers and hosts Peter Lang and Robert Blaas will take you through an educational experience like no other. For all the participants, you are very lucky to be attending this great event! The city of Amsterdam has mandated that 20 per cent of all new housing projects in the Dutch capital must be constructed with wood or other biobased materials from 2025. The agreement, which is named the Green Deal Timber Construction, has been signed by all 32 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) region.

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